How much does a course cost

All course fees are calculated based on the tutor's daily trade rate, therefore the cost of your course depends on the individual course/tutor you select. Not all courses have course fee's published, this either becaue we need you to enquire so we can send you more information about the course or because the tutor has asked for the course fee not to be published on the website. Send an enquiry if you would like to receive a quote for a course you are interested in. Email:

When is the course date?

The date of a couse is for YOU to decide. Ask about a couple of course date options and we will check the tutor;s diary for their availability. If the tutor is not available on your chosen date they will advise their next availability to teach. All course dates are subject to tutor availability.

Why do you need to know where I am located?

The majority of our courses take place in the workshop of the tutor and we work with a large group of tutors nationally. Ideally we want to match you with the nearest tutor to where you live who has the skills required to teach you what you want to learn. Your location helps us do this otherwise as standard we will provide an course location for the nearest main concentration of tutors which is Birmingham Jewellery Quarter or Central London. Please bear in mind for some very specialised courses may have only one course location in the UK available. There are a few tutors in Scotland and Wales too.

How much are course materials?

For a bespoke course you will be working on your own project regardless of the course you undertake, therefore it is not possible to determine beforehand the amount of precious metals/materials you may decide to use on the day. For some "Beginner" courses a small amount of basic materials will be included in the course fee, with extra available to purchase from the tutor if required. To give you the most amount of flexibility, you pay the tutor directly for the precious metals/materials you actually use. You may choose to bring some precious metals/materials with you and after you have booked your course. If you wish to do this you can contact the tutor directly to obtain their advice about what materials will be required for your indiviudal project.

Why is providing my jewellery website or instagram page information helpful?

Our priority is to provide you with a course tutor best suited to your course/training requirements. For complex course enquiries we may need to consult with a tutor to ask if their expertise will benefit you. When we provide tutors with image information about what you make now, they will be able to determine if they can provide tuition that will benefit you or ask you any additional questions. This means that when we provide you with a course quotation we have done our utmost to ensure the course tuition we offer will benefit you.

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